At Ballast Nedam Industriebouw, safety is our highest priority: we are safety-conscious in everything we do. We believe in a zero accident rate on all our projects for our own employees, temporary employees and employees of subcontractors.

We comply with every health and safety rule and regulation set out under European legislation. But we also know that safety in industrial construction depends on much more.

Working safely starts with awareness and depends entirely on behaviour and attitudes of everyone in the organization: starting at the CEO to the construction site employee / production staff. For example: HSE inspections are not only carried out by project management, supervisors and safety officers, but also by Chief Commercial Officer, site engineers and estimators.

Ballast Nedam is proactive. Our safety experts work closely together with the project team. Together they perform risk assessments and compile work methods statements for the jobs we undertake. Monitoring of the correct implementation is done by HSE inspections and observation rounds. Immediate action is taken in the event of non-compliance. We encourage our employees to address each other and others against (potential) unsafe behaviour and to report unsafe situations.

For all our staff, being aware of risks and taking precautions is part of every project. That’s why everyone who works for Ballast Nedam Industriebouw receives appropriate training and preparation well in advance of any given assignment. Lines of communication are always open, and safety procedures are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Briefing prior to the start of a project, and weekly “toolbox talks” — on-site project reviews — keep everyone in step with the most recent developments. These project-specific improvements are then relayed throughout the company to ensure all projects are up to speed with developments throughout the organization.

The HSE policy of Ballast Nedam Industriebouw ensures excellence and responsibility in all activities. We have an outstanding safety record and take pride in our full compliance with industry standards.