Vision, Mission and Values

Ballast Nedam has a solid and well-earned reputation for industrial construction in projects that require civil engineering expertise. We are experienced in all combinations of Design, Build and Maintain. We aim to play a leading role in project development and longer-term involvement in managing, maintaining and running projects.

We focus on specific engineering products for the energy, (petro-) chemical and oil & gas sectors in the Netherlands and Europe. We have the know-how and awareness to ensure that our work is fully integrated in the value chain, reflecting the concerns of your stakeholders, whether they be customers, neighbours or relevant administrative bodies.


Ballast Nedam’s core business is providing support constructions for industry. Because we are all originally contractors with a shared background in civil engineering, this is something that comes naturally to us. Our expertise extends to all phases of the construction process, from the first sketch to project completion. Because so many factors are involved, Ballast Nedam works with multidisciplinary teams that encompass all specializations in a kind of integrated think-tank. This coalition of expertise maximizes our problem-solving capabilities and guarantees the safe and optimal realization of the project.

Frequently, our products consist of designing and delivering specific support constructions for process installations, such as foundations, concrete works, steel structures, infrastructure and other construction tasks. In addition to civil engineering, we provide design and engineering services, construction management and feasibility studies. Because these constructions need to comply with strict safety and project-specific requirements, industrial construction has become an independent specialization.

Most of our customers are private industrial clients who contract us to carry out work in and around their installations. Their operations include everything from waste incineration facilities and plants for electricity (biomass, gas and coal), container terminals, storage tanks and chemical production plants. Our clients are industrial entrepreneurs who value safety, speed, flexibility, high quality and low costs in a constantly internationalizing market. These aspects are our guiding principles and determine our work processes.

One of our clients’ most frequent requirements is a short turnaround time. Ballast Nedam is used to working according to strict schedules and preventing the disruption of existing industrial processes. What is more, we are flexible enough to accommodate sudden design changes – after all, industrial construction is a dynamic field.

Working with partners – both inside and outside Ballast Nedam and throughout the supply chain – enables us to propose more complete solutions. Our in-house expertise is solid, and is further reinforced by closely managed internal networks involving our subsidiaries and strong alliances with our strategic partners. This strengthens our project management capabilities, allowing our clients’ business processes to continue uninterrupted and unburdening them of the potential extra worry of disruption.