Vliegasunie Silos Moerdijk

Client:  Vliegasunie B.V.   
Contract sum:  € 7.565.000,00    
Schedule: Augustus 2011 – June 2012   

Scope of which generally consist of:
The project involves de new construction of the fly ash terminal at the site of OBM Moerdijk. It consists of 3 silos with a height of approx. 58 meter.   

Civil technic and engineering activities:
- Destruction and removing of existing facilities/road metal;
- Adjusting of K&L;
- Constructive design(foundation and concrete/steel constructions)
- Construction of 1 blending silo and 2 storage silos through glide formwork. Technical spaces included. HVAC-installations and elevator installation;
- Tendency of new underground Infra (utilities/K&L);
- Placement of weigh bridge inclusive weigh cells and hardware;
- Tendency of new road metal inclusive fixed roadside objects.



  • Petro Chemical